Technical Controlling / Asset Management

Due to the high investment costs, extending the service life and maintaining the value of rail vehicles is of great importance to owners, banks, and leasing companies. In order to protect these interests, we supervise financed rolling stock fleets within the framework of technical-commercial controlling or asset management.

In addition to monitoring the contractual operation, our experienced specialists regularly check the vehicle conditions supervise value maintaining activities and check compliance with the return conditions.

Any problems or changes in value are analysed and appropriate corrective measures recommended.

Asset Management also includes the inspection and monitoring of the management system for the vehicle fleets and the maintenance as well as the corresponding workshops by our auditors and engineers, in order to assure the long term maintenance of the asset value in our customers interest.

Furthermore, we prepare „End-of-Term“ phases and coordinate and accompany them on behalf of the owner or financier.

Our customers appreciate the combination of commercial, operational and technical know-how we use to defend their interests.