Commercial Valuations

Detailed value analyses contribute significantly to the solid decision-making of owners, prospective buyers, financial institutions as well as private and public authorities.

Based on our long-standing willingness to pay / buy analysis, extensive market database and commercial-technical knowledge we have a broad know-how for determining values of entire rolling stock fleets or specific vehicles as well as for the establishment of forecasts for future value developments of Rolling Stock.

Furthermore, our expert team supports acquisition processes in the rolling stock market, including the evaluation of opportunities and the limitation of decision risks.
In this respect, our tailor-made market studies, evaluations using Replacement Cost and Discounted Cashflow methodologies or Life Cycle Cost analyses play an important role.

In “Technical Controlling / Asset Management”, you can find out more about our specific services to reduce risks to involved parties during the financing period, in particular monitoring of the contractual operation and maintenance as well as the handling of the return or transition process at the end of financing (“End of Term”).