IT & Research

Railways these days all face the same unavoidable fact: digitalize or get left behind in the rapidly-growing technological world. Luckily, Railistics has the expertise to bring your system up to speed. Whether it be railway equipment and infrastructure, or markets and operations, we create intelligent railway systems worldwide.

We are committed to staying one step ahead of information in the advancing world. We participate in both EU and national research programs such as Shift2Rail, Horizon 2020, Eureka, and others, so Railistics remains your trusted source of railway information.

We explain the intricacies of the railway industry to IT companies, to specialize products to refine your rolling stock and operational systems and keep lines of communication flawless.

We are also experts in the converse actions, identifying needs and requirements with railway companies, or entities, in order to target and execute reformation on technological and digital levels.

Market research is another strong suit of ours, we do this by helping railway companies identify areas for improvement, by accessing our extensive database of information, and assisting in following methods of operation.

We help to prepare, execute, and propose tender in order to carry out every aspect of the project and evaluate the incoming proposal

Railistics serves to define and analyze the aforementioned processes in order to secure adherence to IT requirements.