Who we are

For over 15 years, Railistics has been serving railways and the people who make them work. Railistics is an independent, professional consulting firm, based in Germany, with representations throughout Europe, and partners all over the world. We are experts in all the fields necessary to make railway and transport systems functional, legal, sustainable, efficient, and modern.

Facts & figures

Founded in 2001

Our clients include companies, private investors, public authorities, banks and more …

Offices in Wiesbaden, Dessau, Berlin, Tel-Aviv and representatives in the Netherlands, Turkey, and Romania

50+ permanent employees

Worldwide projects in 50+ countries

Independent, 100% privately owned (GmbH)

Railistics utilizes a „system approach“; which integrates and implements legal, technical, economic, and strategic factors into every project. This pragmatic and diligent method of operation is what gives us a track record of glowing success.

Through extensive projects and clientele, Railistics has served as a driving force in the restructuring and refining of the railway and transport markets throughout Europe, including an impressive number of countries throughout Eastern Europe, including Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and all Baltic countries.

Railistics sees projects from all angles: utilizing a highly specialized staff force to target financial, economical, and technical solutions that are tailored to the region of the client.
No potential risk goes unaddressed, and no growth opportunity goes unattained.

Railistics is well-versed in working with diverse teams from many varying environments from both the public and private sector. All employees have a strong industry background,and can thrive no matter the project region.

Railistics’ client base includes industries, governments, public and private train operating companies, and much more.